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  • "I have known Dr. Connor for 20 years. I first came to see him when I developed osteomyelitis, a bone infection from an ulcer along the bottom of my foot. I was told by a surgeon that I would loose my foot. Dr. Connor treated my bone infection and ulcer successfully and it healed within 6 months without surgery. I have seen him now on a routine basis to prevent future problems for over 20 years. His positive attitude, demeanor, personal touch and expertise are like no other physician I have seen. I recently moved up to the Hartford area and he did recommend another podiatrist. After seeing that podiatrist and others in the area I have decided to still drive down an hour each way to see him. He has saved me from many impending problems and I thankfully am still doing well with my feet. In this day of managed care he still spends time with me to go over my treatments and not rush me out the door, as I felt at other doctor’s offices."
    Don A.
  • "My husband, Jim, started going to Dr. Connor in 2003 after having bad experiences with some prior podiatrists. His caring and expertise have brought Jim's complicated feet to where they are now which is free of breakdowns/infections. His care is life-saving. In one instance, Jim had an infection in the bone and it would not have been detected without Dr. Connor ordering an MRI. The infected bone was removed surgically without it continuing to grow further in to the bone and beyond. I can't imagine what would have happened if we didn't make the break and come to see Dr. Connor. He has been working with his feet which had been both operated on a number of years earlier by another podiatrist; and it was not successful. After that, Jim had various continuous problems. His feet are a challenge but Dr.'s caring persistence and listening to us as we described the different issues and his accommodation to other ideas have made our going to him a comfortable, caring, and successful experience."
    Carol O.


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